10 Steps to Building Your Instagram Brand

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Whether you’ve had your Instagram for years and looking to revamp your page, or you’re new to the app, branding your Instagram page is extremely important in growing your followers. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps out there in the past few years, so whether you’re a company or a personal account, having a solid Instagram brand is a must.

1. Set Up Your Profile Picture:

Your profile image is one of the first things noticed when looking at a new Instagram account. Therefore, this is a primary step in creating your Instagram brand. A key factor in creating a brand is staying consistent, which I’ll touch on more throughout these steps. So, it will all start with your profile picture. Here you can include a photo of yourself if you’re a personal account or your company’s logo for a more corporate feel.


2. Write Your Description:

After the profile picture comes your description. This is where your new followers will be able to get to know you or your company a little better before scrolling through your beautifully branded feed. When writing this description, don’t be too wordy. Keep it simple and let your followers know who you are in just a few simple sentences or keywords. Hashtags are welcome here as well. Included in your profile description is the option to add a website. If you have one, most definitely link it here. Keeping all of your profiles and websites connected is extremely important for purposes even beyond building your Instagram brand.


3. Set Up as a Business Profile:

Are you a business looking to take your Instagram to the next level? If you have an Instagram and Facebook account, be sure to define your Instagram a business profile. This connects both social media networks and includes some important analytical features. With the business profile tool, you will receive insights on your posts telling you how many people you’ve reached, the amount of impressions, where your engagement comes from, and more! It’s important to stay on top of Instagram’s changing algorithms and to make sure your posts are actually being seen. The business profile also allows you to set up a more official contact option, directions, or if you’re a restaurant, the option to reserve a table.


4. Choose a Theme:

So you’ve set up your Instagram page itself, now it’s time to get posting. As mentioned before, it’s important to stay consistent throughout your Instagram feed. This means using the same filters on all your pictures, keeping colors coordinated, and making sure the photos are all relevant to each other. Staying consistent with your photos will allow your followers to easily recognize when you post a picture, therefore strengthening your brand and increasing your brand awareness. Be careful, though. Be sure to not bore your followers with the same pictures every week, keep things fresh!


Example: https://www.instagram.com/aspynovard/


5. Add Your Logo (Or Create One):

To further brand your Instagram feed, start including your logo on your images. Creating your own logo or including your already existing logo into your posts will further keep your posts consistent and well branded – making them more recognizable. A tool to easily achieve this goal is Canva. Here, you can easily include your logo into your images, or create the logo itself. They even have pre-sized templates specific to each social media platform!


6. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are

an important part of social media. Hashtags can expand your reach beyond your follower count and introduce your page to someone you may not have reached otherwise. Think of a few hashtags you would like to use that are relevant to your Instagram page and stick

with them. A little research on exactly which hashtags to use wouldn’t hurt either. There are so many variations of hashtags to use, but some have more volume than others. It’s important to use hashtags in your posts and on social media as a whole, but it’s also important to stay strategic in your posting.


7. Engage:

Engaging with your audience is a crucial factor in building your Instagram brand. This is not a one-and-done step, but an ongoing process you need to follow. Be sure to answer all questions and comments and respond as frequently as possible! If you’re looking to increase engagement, start with your captions. Using captivating captions that ask your followers to comment will do the trick. It’s easy to lose the personal touch behind an Instagram account, so it’s important to remind people that you’re a person, too! Brands mainly create their social media to give themselves a voice. So, don’t forget to use it!


Example: https://www.instagram.com/alexcentomo/



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8. Stay Consistent:

Keep your posting frequent. Never let your followers forget you’re still there, and to do that you need to keep up with your posting. Now, I’m not saying to post multiple times a day every day (nobody wants that) but make sure you post at least a few times each week.


It’s also important to test and measure. Test different times of the day/different days of the week to post and measure how each post has done. Use the business profile insights to measure your success. Revise your strategy as needed!


9. Look Into a Social Media Management Software:

Use a social media management software. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your posts or you have too many ideas to keep track of, a social media management software will help you stay organized. This software will allow you to schedule social media posts in an advance to automatically publish whenever you may choose. Some even have a place to store drafted content for scheduling later. Adopting a software like this will make your Instagram one step closer to the brand you’ve imagined.


10. Have Fun!:

Lastly, be yourself and have fun! It’s easy to get caught up in growing your Instagram, sticking to perfect schedules, and following your set strategy, so always remember to be yourself throughout the entire process. It is, after all, your Instagram page!


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